As the days get warmer, you may think it is time to give your deck the makeover it deserves. Although you have tons of ideas and ambitions for your deck, you want to upgrade the space without breaking the bank. To help you out, we have listed some of the best ways to improve your deck on a budget.

Here Are the Best Ways to Improve Your Deck on a Budget:

1. Tabletop Fire Pit

Your deck is a great place to entertain family and friends outdoors. To upgrade the space and keep it feeling cozy, add a gas fire pit that is built into a table. A normal-sized fire pit can be expensive and take up quite a bit of space. Also, a wood-burning fire pit is better suited for the yard rather than a wooden deck. A tabletop version is perfect for improving your deck on a budget.

2. Add a Privacy Screen

Most people want privacy from neighbors when visiting with friends or relaxing on the deck. A simple and easy way to upgrade the space is to hang up a privacy screen. Heavy outdoor curtains or a privacy barrier will also help block the wind on chilly nights. 

3. Improve Your Deck on a Budget with a Container Garden

A simple and easy way to improve your deck on a budget is to create a container garden in the space. Grow food like tomatoes and peppers in large pots on the deck. Add some color with flowers to liven up the area.

4. Upgrade your Deck Lighting on a Budget with a Container Garden

Another great way to improve your deck on a budget is to upgrade your deck lighting. This brightens up the space and adds ambiance. String lights are an inexpensive option that helps warm up the area. Replace any lightbulbs in outdoor fixtures with more energy-efficient LEDs. Although these are more expensive than standard lightbulbs, they will help you use less energy and save you a lot of money in the long run. Choose warm white lightbulbs instead of cool white for a more appealing hue. 

5. Outdoor Speakers

Whether you want to use your deck for relaxing or entertaining others, adding outdoor speakers will help improve your deck on a budget. Weatherproof speakers are relatively affordable and make it easy to listen to music outdoors.

6. Add a New Finish

Lastly, adding a new finish to your deck maintains its condition and improves its appearance. If you have a wooden deck, stain the surface and add a sealant. If you have a stained deck, reseal your deck every year or two.

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