Outdoor spaces such as a patio or garden are the perfect place for spending time with family and friends. As the sun goes down, lighting becomes an important aspect. Help set the mood or add to the aesthetic by finding the perfect way to light up your outdoor living space.

Paraffin Torches

Home and garden centers have paraffin torches in a variety of styles to use in your outdoor spaces. Bamboo “tiki” torches have stakes that are simply pushed into the ground. You can find paraffin-burning table lamps in an assortment of shapes and colors. As a bonus, some of these fuels are blended with citronella oil which helps to repel mosquitoes and other annoying insects.

Light Up Your Outdoor Living Space With String Lights

String lights are a simple, classic way to add some lighting to your space. Whether it be along the side of your house, across a garden, or intertwined with the beams of your pergola, string lights add charm to your property. These also come in a variety of styles.

There are classic string lights with bulbs that can be draped across the patio or porch for a fun, casual look. Fairy lights are a type of string light with small LED bulbs. They can be attached to the roof of your gazebo or pergola to provide light to the space. They come in battery-powered, solar-powered, and plug-in options.

Ceiling Fans Light Fixtures

Outdoor ceiling fans are a great way to light up your outdoor living space while also circulating the air on the porch or patio. Ceiling fans help regulate the temperature and provide light after dark. Make sure you purchase a fixture that is designed for outdoor use.

Get Creative to Light Up Your Outdoor Living Space

If you are hoping to add a personality to your outdoor space, find creative ways to add lighting. An old, colorful vase or a mason jar can have lights placed inside to add style and illumination to the area. Fill a vase with battery-powered LED lights or add candles to mason jars.

Install a Fire Pit

Fire pits are a classic way to add warmth and light up your outdoor living space. Everyone enjoys sitting around a cozy fire, making smores, and telling stories. You might choose to build a fire pit from concrete pavers, stone, or brick. You’ll also find the local hardware store will have fire bowls that serve the same purpose. These can be used on a deck, porch, or patio to create a warm place to gather with friends and neighbors.

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