Many homeowners tackle home improvement projects intending to increase the value of their homes. But not all projects are created equal when boosting resale value. Some common home improvements can end up costing you more money than they add in value. So before you start your next project, look at this list of home improvements that don’t add value. You might want to think twice before tackling them.

Swimming Pools Are Projects That Don’t Add Value

Adding a pool to your home may seem like a great way to increase its value, but it doesn’t usually recoup the money it costs when it’s time to sell. Swimming pools are expensive and require a lot of maintenance, not to mention they can affect homeowners insurance premiums. Plus, potential buyers may be put off by the additional costs associated with owning a pool.

Customized Landscaping

While landscaping can add value to a home, overly customized and unique landscaping designs are not typically considered desirable by potential buyers. Even if you pay for expensive updates, don’t expect to get your money back in terms of increased home value. Stick with simple, low-maintenance landscaping that appeals to a wide range of tastes.

High-End Bathroom Upgrades

Gutting and remodeling your bathroom is often seen as a surefire way to increase home value, but if you go too high-end with your upgrades, it could backfire. Buyers may be turned off if the rest of your house is not up to par with the new bathroom. Stick to mid-range upgrades if you want to see the best return on your investment.

Converting Your Garage

A garage to park cars in is desirable to most buyers. Converting your garage into an extra bedroom or living space will often decrease your home’s value. Garages are highly useful, so unless you desperately need extra space, it’s best to leave your garage as is.

Wallpapering Projects Don’t Add Value

While wallpaper can give a room a nice pop of color and pattern, it’s usually seen as a personal preference and may not be attractive to potential buyers. The same goes for murals, which a buyer may feel they need to paint over. Stick with neutral paint colors that appeal to the widest variety of people.

Upscale Stonework

Installing fancy stonework in your yard or around the house may seem like a great way to add value, but it’s not always the case. Unless the stonework is in line with the natural landscape of your home, it can be seen as an eyesore by potential buyers. Stick to simple stone accents that blend well with your home’s exterior.

When tackling home improvement projects, it’s important to consider how each project will affect the resale value of your home. While some projects can add a great deal of value, others can cost you more than they are worth. Take a look at this list and think twice before tackling any of these projects.

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