Household plumbing leaks increase your water bill, promote mold growth, and eventually cause property damage to your home. Stop costly damage by using the following five tips to help prevent household plumbing leaks.

1. Reduce Stress on Plumbing to Prevent Household Plumbing Leaks

High water pressure increases the likelihood of plumbing problems. It reduces the life of your plumbing by straining the pipes. Test your home’s water pressure. If you get a reading of over 60 psi, adjust the water pressure. Home water pressure should be between 40 and 50 psi.

2. Soften Your Water to Prevent Household Plumbing Leaks

You can also reduce stress on plumbing by keeping your water soft. Hard water has a high mineral content and causes mineral deposits to build up inside of pipes. Municipalities are required to file an annual water report each year. If your water has a high mineral content, have a whole-house water softener installed. You’ll extend the life of your plumbing and water heater.

3. Check Pipes and Drains

A clogged sewer drain is a serious plumbing problem. Not only does it cause property damage, but it also poses a health risk. Make sure trees are planted at least 20 feet from your home’s foundation. This will reduce the chance of roots causing a leak in the sewer line. Prevent household plumbing leaks by avoiding dumping grease, coffee grounds, and fruit and vegetable peelings down the drain.

4. Check for Appliance Leaks to Prevent Household Plumbing Leaks

Since washing machines use a lot of water, they’re prone to leaks. Check your washer connections frequently to prevent household plumbing leaks. Replace rubber hoses every five years, or more frequently if they are cracked or damaged. Hoses connected to the dishwasher and refrigerator are underneath or behind them, so leaks are easy to overlook. Check for puddles and moldy smells near appliances that use water.

5. It Can Be Difficult to Tell if a Toilet is Leaking

When a clogged toilet overflows, it’s noticeable. Slow toilet leaks are harder to detect. A good trick is to put a few drops of food dye in the toilet tank and then wait for 15 minutes. Look in the toilet bowl. Has the water changed color? If the answer is yes, you have a toilet leak. Stop the leak by changing out the rubber gaskets. If you don’t feel comfortable with this task, it is an easy job for a plumber.

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