A swimming pool is a great way to keep the family cool and active throughout the summer. Of course, there are some dangers that come with owning a swimming pool. Learn everything you can to encourage safety and prevent injuries. Here are some things to help you improve safety around the pool.

Tips for Safety Around the Pool

Establish a set of rules for safety and share with family and friends to keep everyone in or near your pool safe. Talk to your children about the pool rules and post them close by for easy reference.

1. Don’t Let Kids Swim Alone

The swimming pool is a dangerous place for children. Many kids don’t know how to swim or are not yet strong swimmers. Practice safety around the pool by always keeping an eye on children in the water. Enforce the rule that the kids cannot be in the pool without an adult present.

2. Safety Around the Pool Means No Running Around the Pool

The patio or deck around the pool can become extremely slippery from water. For this reason, be careful when walking around the pool. Watch small children carefully and make everyone knows that it is never okay to run around the pool.

3. Make the Area Secure

When you aren’t at home, securely cover the pool. If possible, lock the cover to prevent people from accessing the pool without your permission. Install a fence with a locking gate around the pool area to discourage anyone from using the pool when you’re not home.

4. Keep the Water Clean

Almost everyone who swims will swallow water from time to time. Ingesting dirty water or swimming in it can lead to health concerns, so it’s important to always keep the water clean and balanced. Skim the pool at least once per week to remove larger debris. Use the correct filter and chemicals suggested for optimum safety around the pool.

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