As a parent, grandparent, or other senior loved one grows older, you want to make sure their home environment is safe. Making a home safe for seniors is a top priority for the elderly who want to age-in-place instead of moving into a retirement community or nursing home.

Here are six ways to help make a home safe for seniors:

Speak With a Professional

Perhaps one of the most important ways to help make a home safe for seniors is to speak with a professional caregiver or home health service. They will be able to make recommendations on what types of changes should be made in order to make aging-in-place safe and easy for the elderly.

Update the Lighting

Another way to help make a home safe for seniors is to update the lighting both inside and outside the home. Install motion-sensor lights and path lights outside the home, and put touch-activated lamps inside. Install brighter lighting in stairwells, closets, and hallways.

Get Referrals for Home Care Providers

You won’t be able to care for your elderly loved one every hour of every day. This means that you may need to hire a home care provider. Contact local organizations and ask for referrals for home care provider services. You should also perform reference and background checks on each provider. Once you have hired one, stop by your loved one’s home often to check-in.

Check All Alarms

Make sure the home is safe for seniors by testing all carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. Install detectors for carbon monoxide and smoke inside and outside of each bedroom so they will be easily heard in the event of an emergency.

Install Surveillance

Speak with your elderly loved one about installing a motion-activated security camera. While this is another great way to help make a home safe for seniors, this is something that should only be done after a conversation and permission. You could also offer to check in with them via Skype or a similar video messaging app.

Make a Home Safe for Seniors With Simple Fixes

Even simple modifications in a senior’s home can help to make their home safer for them. The following tips will help prevent them from suffering a fall:

  • Clear all stairs.
  • Get rid of throw rugs.
  • Move all small furniture pieces.
  • Remove standard doorknobs and replace them with lever handles.
  • Add non-slip wax to the flooring.
  • Move all electric cords.
  • Repair loose carpeting or hard flooring.
  • Install non-skid treads on steps.
  • Add grab bars.

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