A home office is an excellent use of space that offers a designated spot to focus. The office is a quiet place to do homework, catch up on paperwork, or conduct a video call. If you live in a smaller apartment or house without a lot of extra room, you don’t have to compromise on a well-designed office. Here are several home office ideas for smaller spaces to maximize your available area.

Browse Websites and Magazines for Home Office Ideas

Architecture and design magazines and blogs are perfect for gathering inspiration and ideas. With the tiny home trend, many of these sources feature articles on smaller homes and apartment living. You’ll be inspired to think outside the box when designing and decorating a home office space. Some articles offer advice on furniture for a small office and may provide links to websites where you can shop for pieces designed for smaller rooms.

Choosing a Spot to Use as an Office

If your house or apartment doesn’t have a spare room to convert into an office, find creative ways to use the space you have as a workspace. Maybe you have a larger-than-average closet or the area under the stairs. You might use a hallway nook or living room corner. A small neutral-colored desk, comfortable chair, and some floating shelves can turn underused space into a cozy and functional office.

Brighten the Space

You may be lucky enough to carve out some space for your office near a window to take advantage of natural light. But, if your office is under a staircase or in a closet, you’ll need to add good lighting. Recessed lighting (a light fixture installed into the ceiling) is a great option for small areas because it doesn’t take up much space. Supplement with a stylish floor or desk lamp. Stick-on wall lights are another clever home office idea. These lights are easy to install, provide extra illumination, and lend an artistic flair to the space.

Consider Unconventional Furniture

Sometimes you have to get creative with your choice of office furniture. A standing desk maximizes space by eliminating the need for a chair and also improves your posture. Purchase a wall-mounted desk that doesn’t take up the floor area. Some wall-mounted decks fold up against the wall when not in use, making them an excellent solution for smaller spaces.

Home Office Ideas: Invest in Greenery

Plants brighten a room and cultivate a more peaceful and relaxing environment. Add a hanging basket or install wall planters for your houseplants. Choose easy-to-grow options so you won’t be stressed about caring for the plants. One popular choice is a spider plant. They have attractive, long-hanging leaves, and only require weekly watering.

A small space doesn’t have to limit your creativity when designing the perfect home office. Find an under-used part of your home to convert into an office, and start brainstorming innovative ideas with your family.

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