Garage storage solutions help declutter floor space while creating a visually appealing design. Here are few simple ways to get started on your garage storage project.

Garage Storage Solutions

Organizing your entire garage might seem like an overwhelming task, but with the right tools and a good plan, you’ll be able to create vertical space for storage. Implement an effective zoning system that’ll help you easily locate what you need. Hooks, bins, and containers come in handy for large and small items like bikes, tools, and sports equipment.

Create Zones

Creating separate zones is a great first step for total garage organization. This allows you to find like items with ease by designing a system that works for the whole family. You can start this project by going through what’s already in your garage and dividing things into piles before you begin labeling your new zones. Then, decide what sections of each wall you’ll be using to complete your plan, which will also help you to determine what kinds of storage bins, shelves, and cabinets you want to use.

Garage Storage Solutions to Hang Items

Getting the clutter off the ground and onto the walls will create more floor space and give you better access to frequently used equipment and tools. Use hooks to store larger items such as bikes and bulky sports equipment, in addition to oddly-shaped gardening tools such as weed whackers, shovels, and rakes. For smaller items such as tools, pegboards with small hooks are great wall additions that can also handle the weight of light cleaning tools like mops, brooms, and dusters.

Add Shelving

Incorporating shelving into your garage storage design increases the amount of space you’ll have to store everything from camping and sports equipment to tools and seasonal decorations. Shelving can be installed on walls to maximize vertical storage, or you can invest in metal shelving units to support heavier items. Overhead shelving is another option to store boxes and luggage above while hooks underneath hold bikes, strollers, golf clubs, and other types of equipment.

Use Storage Containers and Bins

Clear storage bins and containers let you locate what you’re looking for in a hurry, and they help to keep your items safe from the elements. If you opt for bins that aren’t see-through to optimize the clean look of your garage, label each box before putting it in its appropriate zone. In addition to larger storage containers and bins, you should also invest in smaller divided containers to organize items like screws and nails, which can be stacked to save space.

Install a Storage Set

Storage sets that come complete with cabinets in various sizes and include vertical storage panels with hooks, bins, drawers, and a workstation provide lots of storage that is easy to keep organized. These units take the fuss out of planning a full garage renovation and give you ample storage for a variety of small to medium-sized items. However, they work best in conjunction with other garage storage solutions since they’re not able to accommodate full-sized storage bins or larger types of equipment.

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