How much do you know about your sewer line? Since it is not visible or accessible, most people don’t think about their sewer line until something goes wrong. Homebuyers may look for issues with the roof or foundation but don’t consider the condition of the sewer line. The best way to learn about your sewer line is through a sewer scope inspection. Learn about the benefits of a sewer scope inspection so that you can take advantage of this service.

1. Fewer Landscape Hassles are One of the Benefits of a Sewer Scope Inspection

A sewer scope inspection doesn’t require pulling up the grass and soil to access the pipes in the yard. There’s nothing invasive about a video inspection. This is convenient for both the homeowner and the inspector.

2. Pinpoints Issues

A sewer scope inspection takes a video of the lateral sewer line route starting from the house and identifies blockages or damages. This video documentation makes it easy to revisit and make repairs with as little disturbance as possible since you’ll know precisely where the problems are located within your sewer line.

3. Visual Documentation for the Homeowners

When you’ve had your sewer inspected and repaired, keep a copy of the before and after videos because it’s proof that the repairs were completed. If you sell your property in the near future, this video is valuable to your potential buyers.

4. Benefits of a Sewer Scope Inspection Include Proof for Insurance Purposes

If you’ve just had a serious leak into the home, your homeowner’s insurance may be covering the claim. Your video inspection is critical to a quicker payout on your insurance policy. The leak itself may not be very convincing, but the video of a crack or break in the line is evidence for insurance adjusters. Always opt for a video inspection if insurance is part of your repair scenario.

5. Saves Money With Flat Rate

Most plumbers charge a flat rate for a sewer scope inspection. There’s no hourly rate associated with the inspection. You don’t have to wonder about the final bill. Any other plumbing work is normally pieced out by materials and labor.

6. Catches Minor Issues Before They Worsen

One of the major benefits of a sewer scope inspection is the early warning about minor issues. You may not have a leak right now, but a crack along the sewer line might be visible during the inspection. Plumbers note where this crack is located so they can easily come back to it for any needed repairs. You avoid a much larger bill in the future by taking care of the minor problem now.

Remember that a sewer inspection doesn’t include the plumbing costs if there’s a required repair. With an inspected and repaired system, you can rest assured that your sewer line is in good shape. The video inspection is a service that’s priceless for your home’s value and functionality.

All Pro Property Inspections offers a sewer scope inspection add-on to a home inspection performed by a third-party specialist. Contact us to schedule an appointment.