You don’t have to tackle huge improvement projects to add value to your home. Even smaller weekend tasks have the potential to increase your property’s worth. Let’s look at a few projects that boost the value of your home.

Improve Yard Drainage

The integrity of your foundation can be affected by rain and water drainage. Guttering helps to make sure water drains away from the roof and foundation. For the yard, use a rain garden to funnel excess rainwater and gutter runoff away from the house. Use colorful, deep-rooted plants for an attractive rain garden.

Add Value to Your Home When You Fill in Attic Insulation

There are few projects that are as simple as replenishing attic insulation. Over time insulation can shift or deteriorate. Add extra insulation to improve the energy efficiency of your home. A potential homebuyer will be glad to know the home has sufficient insulation and you can share with them information about savings on the power bill.

Refinish Hardwood Floors

Refinishing the hardwoods may seem like a big task to do on your own, but it’s not a very difficult job. Refinishing hardwood floors will improve the look of your flooring and increase a home’s value. If you don’t believe you can tackle the job by yourself, hire a professional to do it for you.

Projects That Add Value to a Home: Seal Your Driveway

A properly installed and well-maintained asphalt driveway can last up to 30 years. Maintenance is key, however. Take time each year to pressure wash the driveway, fill in all cracks, and seal it.

Resurface the Garage Floor

It might take you longer to declutter the garage than to resurface the floor. Even if you’re a beginner and can’t get the floor completely smooth, you’ll still end up with an upgraded garage. If you choose to tackle this project, don’t worry about mistakes. You can always make improvements by adding a second coat.

Add a Steel Door

Improve aesthetics and security with a new steel entryway door. You and your family will enjoy the peace of mind with better security and you’ll increase the resale value of your home.

Install a New Garage Door to Add Value to Your Home

Instantly improve your home’s curb appeal by replacing the old garage door. This is a relatively inexpensive project. Add an attractive, decorative door that’s a different color from other homes in the neighborhood to stand apart from the rest.

Install Smart Home Technology

More and more homes have appliances, lighting, and security systems that are controlled by smartphones. You can monitor your home via your phone with a new, modern security system. Use an app to control the temperature indoors and to turn lights on and off when you’re away.

Paint a Room to Add Value to Your Home

Adding a fresh coat of paint is a quick and inexpensive weekend project. If you don’t have a lot of free time and are looking for a project to add value, interior painting is one of the easiest jobs to complete.

There are many different types of projects that boost property value. Choose a few, make plans to purchase supplies, and get to work. You can take pride in a job well done and make your home look its best.

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