Home Inspection Oceanside

We specialize in comprehensive home inspection services, leaving you with the maximum peace of mind you desire and also helping you make an informed decision on your investment.

We provide timely and reliable independent home inspection in Oceania to home buyers and property investors, giving you evaluated report details about minor structural & significant defects.

As a registered inspection firm under the residential buildings category in Oceania, we possess all necessary knowledge and skills to deliver comprehensive house inspections that ensure you are well informed. Our reports are emailed to our clients within 24 hours after completing the inspection.

Also, we have indemnity insurance that covers our independent property inspections, while our prices are reasonable and fair. However, price rates are influenced by the construction size, type of the building, general condition, and any access limitations.

Pool inspection

When buying or selling a property that has a pool or spa, it's also recommended to have them inspected by a competent pool and spa inspector. Just like a home, a spa, pool, and other related components poorly maintained could be highly costly to repair or replace.

The inclusion of a Pool and Spa inspection by one of our professional pool and Spa inspectors to your Home Inspection in Oceania is a great value and can help you save unforeseen expenses. Pools and Spas could develop unknown issues in the future, which might eventually be costly to fix. So, let one of our Certified and Professional Pool and Spa Inspectors inspect and identify those expensive repair issues for you today!

Pre-listing Inspection

It's quite alright to schedule your home for a pre-listing inspection before tagging it for sale. It doesn't matter even if it's a new home; perhaps, it might have issues you're not aware of. It's better to hire a renowned home inspection services for a pre-listing inspection if you have any concern about your home.

Most buyers would conduct inspections on their own, and having full knowledge of what any inspector would find prior listing would allow you to confidently set your listing price and avoid closing delays and lower price negotiation. A pre-listing inspection allows addressing any minor or major issues. Also, most buyers are attracted to sellers who have inspected and corrected issues on a home before listing. You can rely on us for quality Pre-listing inspection in Oceania on your property.

New Construction

When building a new home, you commit your plans to your builder's hands. It's always amazing to see those plans stretched an appealing structure, especially after making your last payment to your builder, and you receive the keys to your new home. But before proceeding to make your final payment, endeavor to call All Pro Inspections in Oceania, so that we can conduct a New Home Pre Hand Over Inspection on your behalf.

Many families have faced disappointment after moving into their new home to discovering faults and defects. Our New Home Pre Hand Over Inspection would help you take control of your newly built home and make sure your builder is held responsible for any faults, if any, before your family moves in. 


After reports from a home inspection, the seller is expected to fix all issues that surfaced on the inspection report. The owner then informs you that all faults and defects are corrected, and you can proceed to make a purchase and set up a closing date. Unfortunately, after making the purchase and getting the keys, you then realized that everything you requested to be fixed wasn't. Having a re-inspection is the only way to verify truly that all items or faults were completed, hereby eradicating surprises at the end of the sale. All Pro Property Inspection team of elite professionals can offer you the best re-inspection service in Oceania to save you from any drama.


Home Inspection Oceanside

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Home Inspection Oceanside Home Inspection Oceanside Home Inspection Oceanside Home Inspection Oceanside
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Prices start at just $455 for single-family homes up to 2,000 square feet in size and increase accordingly based on square footage. Evening and weekend appointments are available by request. Competitive prices on housecall property inspections - for first time home buyers, a buyer's inspection, real estate agents and commercial property.

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